For Our Mom and Her Friends Who Want to Play Word Skill

Our mom loves us.  She brought us up playing word games like SCRABBLE and Boggle.  And she’s super proud of us for creating Word Skill, which she loves.  She even bought an iPad just to play it.  Mom also wants all of her friends to play the game that her kids made, both because she loves it and because she wants to help us.  We love her too. And we want to help her help us make Word Skill huge, which is why I’m writing this.

Mom has been inviting her friends to play Word Skill with her, but she’s having a hard time getting them to join the games. It’s not that they don’t want to play; they do. But they haven’t played a lot of games on Facebook or on their mobile devices and those that they have played were installed by someone else. So, they simply don’t know how to get started. Unfortunately, the invites that go out through Facebook aren’t very intuitive. They show up on the invitee’s wall or as a Facebook notification, mixed in with a lot of other noise. So they can be hard to notice.  And even if her friends do notice the invites, it’s not clear what to do with them.  This isn’t just an issue for Word Skill. All games have the same difficulty.

So, Bill, Irina, Karin, and all my mom’s other friends who have expressed interest in playing Word Skill (and everyone else who is having trouble), here’s what you should do:

If you are going to play on your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Tap on the App Store icon.  It looks like this:App Store
  2. Tap on the Search icon and enter “Word Skill” in the search box. On the iPhone, that looks like this: iPhone Search
  3. Tap on the blue Search button on the bottom right. This screen will appear:
    Word Skill SearchOn yours, it will say FREE instead of OPEN.
  4. Tap the FREE button. It will change to an INSTALL APP button. Tap that.
  5. You’ll likely be asked for your Apple ID Password. Enter it and tap OK.
  6. You’ll then get a new icon on your iPhone or iPad that looks like this:
    Word Skill Icon
  7. Tap it to open the game. You’ll have the option to log in with or without Facebook. Choose to log in with Facebook. That way, you’ll be able to play against your Facebook friends (like my Mom).
  8. Now tap the orange PLAY FRIEND button, check the box next to my Mom’s (or your Mom’s) name and tap START GAME. She’ll get an invite and you can just start playing.
If you are going to play on your computer, it’s even easier:
  1. Click on this link:
  2. You’ll get a Request for Permission screen. Click ALLOW.
  3. Now click the orange PLAY FRIEND button, check the box next to my Mom’s (or your Mom’s) name and tap START GAME. She’ll get an invite and you can just start playing.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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