Word Play, Math, Cheating, and Having a Tail (or Not)

In tournament SCRABBLE, playing a phony word isn’t considered cheating, because your opponent has the opportunity to challenge your word. I’ve heard of people playing a phony word, say FAULTER (not valid, but plausible), that goes unchallenged and then challenging when their opponents try to extend the word (e.g, FAULTERS). It may be a little nasty, but it’s not cheating. Continue reading

Word Game for City of Syracuse

One of the features of Word Skill that we’re really excited about is Ongoing Open Games, which can be played by 100s (even 1000s) of people at once. Ongoing Open Games provide a cool, low-commitment way for people to connect with different social groups. Each day, participating players in the group would only make one move and be able to see who made the best move the previous day. The more enthusiastic word game players will want to have some 1-on-1 Word Skill games going as well as those games will tend to move along faster allowing for multiple plays per day. But even casual players can probably find the time to make one move each day in an Ongoing Open Game, and if they miss a day, it’s no big deal. They can participate as much or as little as they want to. Although, to have a chance at winning the game, players will need to try to get their moves in every day. Continue reading