Is DI a word?

Yesterday, in my What is a word? And why do word games disagree? post, I mentioned that DA is acceptable in some word games, but not in others. Another such word is DI. DI is acceptable in SOWPODS and Words with Friends, but not in OWL. According to, DI is the plural of DEUS, which means “a god.” So, naturally, DEUS is valid in SOWPODS. But, oddly, it is not valid in Words with Friends. Perhaps DI has some other meaning as well, but I wasn’t able to find it.

So, the question for you is should DI be valid in Word Skill? Currently, it is not. If you have an opinion, you can vote on it on our Facebook page. If we do add it to our word list, we will also add the singular form: DEUS.

UPDATE (1/3/2013):  The vote is in: 203 to 134. We’ll be adding DI to the word list.

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