Playing Word Skill with Others

When a new social game is launched and the player base hasn’t had a chance to grow yet, it can be hard to find opponents to play against.  Although there are already 100s of people playing Word Skill just 2 days after our iPhone / iPad launch and 1 day after our Facebook launch, that’s still a relatively small number when looking to start a game at any hour of the day. Here are some ideas for getting games:

Invite Your Friends

This is by far the best way. Get your friends addicted and then you’ll always have a game going. A tip though: while you can invite more than one friend to a single game, that will likely slow down the game, because each round you’ll have to wait until each friend moves (or the round time ends) before moving on to the next round. So, if you want to maximize your play opportunities, you’re better off creating multiple games, each with one other player.

Join a Public Game

This is a sure way to get one move in quickly.  Public Games are games against a group of strangers. There are new ones starting up all the time. The downside of Public Games is that you generally will only get to make one move per day. However, if you join a new public game every day, you’ll soon have a lot of them going and have plenty of chances to play. You can also use chat to invite people in a public game to play you one on one. The best way to do this is to invite them to an Open Game (see below).

To join a Public Game, press New Game -> Other Ways To Play -> Join Public Game.

Create a 2-Person Open Game

An Open Game is created through the New Game -> Other Ways to Play -> New Open Game menu. To create a 2-person Open Game, set the minimum and maximum number of players to 2 and press the START GAME button:

New 2-Person Open Game

You will then get a Game ID. You can share this Game ID on our Facebook wall or chat it to people in a Public Game asking if anyone wants to play one-on-one. Or you could post it on your own Facebook wall and encourage one of your friends to join you for a game.

I hope this helps you get some good playing time!  I’d love to hear your feedback on the game.

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